Where does the Walvis Bay Power Plant project stand at this point in time?
Xaris Energy received preferred bidder status in October 2014 and the project was given national project status in March 2015, yet construction has still not officially commenced. What are the reasons for the delay?
What is Xaris Energy’s stance on the recent ruling in favour of Xaris in the High Court of Namibia?
Has the delay in finalising the project affected your partners and investors?
How is the Walvis Bay Power Plant being financed?
Why does it take so long to deliver electricity and when will power from the plant become available?
Why has natural gas been chosen as the fuel for the project?
What price will Namibia pay for electricity? How do we know this will be a good deal?
How much electricity will the plant generate? I’ve heard different numbers.
When will construction of the power plant start?
What is the lifespan of the plant?
What will the plant’s water requirements and capacity be?
Is it true that electricity prices in Namibia will double when the Walvis Bay Power Plant starts producing power?
Will the power plant become obsolete once the Kudu power station is up and running?
What is your view on the fairness and transparency of the tender process and specifically the participation of Xaris Energy?