Documents and Resources

Useful links

Below are some links related to the project, its advisors and general industry – which you may find useful.

Enviro DynamicsProject environmental consultants.Link
Eon ConsultingProviders of owners engineering services to the project.Link
G3 Business SolutionsProviders of stakeholder relations and engagement, as well as corporate social responsibility advice for the project.Link
MPRProviders of consulting services for development, financing, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of project equipment.Link
PRDWSpecialist consulting engineers in port and coastal engineering.Link
Single Destination EngineeringResponsible for project concept design.Link
Webber WentzelWebber Wentzel is one of South Africa’s leading law firms providing innovative solutions.Link
IFC – Environmental, Health, and Safety GuidelinesGuidelines used in the project.Link
JKM IndexIndex tracking the price of gas.Link
General ElectricGE aeroderivative brochure.Link
Google tracker of LNG newsRegular updates on LNG related articles.Link
US Energy Information AdministrationThe latest trends and information on natural gas.Link
Energy Trilema IndexThe Energy Sustainability Index ranks countries in terms of their likely ability to provide sustainable energy policies.Link

Project documents

Below please see a number of key documents related to the project. If you require additional documentation or details, you can find these on our document management system – by clicking here.. You will require a username and password – which you can request by using the Talk To Us page of this website.